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MOSKITO plug-in for WordPress     Features and Pricing 

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Connect your landing pages and monitor page performance
Manage and optimize keywords and ads on page level
MOSKITO rule engine / optimization tips / notifications
Create your own rules with MOSKITO rule engine
Conversion script
Google Shopping
E-mail support
MOSKITO Webinars

How does MOSKITO work?

Connect your WordPress site to your Google Ads account

  • Setup your MOSKITO account
  • Connect to your Google Ads account
  • Create your Ad!
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Create and preview your Google Ads in real time

  • Allows for easy, hassle-free creativity. Create your Ads on your WordPress page and watch the magic unfold.
  • MOSKITO suggests keywords and content based on our powerful algorithms and machine learning.

Quick dashboard views of your ad campaigns

  • See real-time results for your entire site or individual pages.
  • 24/7 monitoring of your ad campaigns
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Performance notifications and conversion tracking

  • Get notifications about your campaigns’ performance and stay ahead of your competitors 
  • Set-up advanced conversion tracking on specific interactive elements like forms and buttons

All this from within your WordPress site. No more hassle!