How to connect Moskito to your website

Its easy to connect Moskito to your WordPress website. Just download our plugin from the WordPress plugin store and follow the steps. No coding required.

Do I need to know Google Ads to use Moskito?

No, thats actually why we created Moskito. To make it easy to setup and run a Google Ads account without any experience.

How to improve your results

There are many ways to improve your results. To learn more check out Merlin Academy – where we share our best tips for running ads on Google using Moskito.

How to stop my ads from running

I am already using Google Ads, what should I do?

There is no issue if you are already using Google Ads. You can choose to pause your existing campaigns in Google Ads or contiune to run them and set up new ads using Moskito. Just remember to pause keywords you are using already when setting up keywords in Moskito.

How much does Moskito cost?

Right now Moskito is free! Try us out and let us know what you think. As we add more features to Moskito we will launch a paid version – where you can do even more!

I found a bug - where do I report it?

We work very hard to fix bugs in the plugin and if you find any please fill out the form on the bottom on this site and we will do our best to fix it right away. 

How often do you update the plugin?

We make sure the plugin is updated whenever needed, including fixing bugs and adding new features. We do our best to make sure the plugin is as good as it can be.

Can I use Moskito without WordPress?

Not yet! Right now Moskito is only available on WordPress, however in the future we will be on other CMS too. If you have a request, please use the form at the bottom on this page and let us know.


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