Are you ready to boost your digital marketing using Moskito? Great! This guide will help you set up Moskito on your WordPress website.

Setup of Moskito is really easy. It takes about four minutes. You only need to follow these four simple steps.

Step 1 – Connect Google Account

The first step is to click the “Connect Google Ads Account” button. Moskito needs access to your Google Ads and Google Analytics account to help you set up ads, create your dashboards and gather data needed to improve your ad performance. Moskito will not make any changes to your account without your permission.

After you click “Connect Google Ads Account”, you will then be redirected to as shown in the screenshot below.

Choose your account. You will get a security warning as shown in the screenshot below. Click on Advanced and proceed to

Allow it. If you are interested in knowing how Moskito handles your data, please click here.

Step 2- Select Google Ads account

All the Google Ads accounts associated with your email will appear to you. Please select the account you want to connect to Moskito. You can change the Google Ads account later if you want in the settings. 

Step 3 – Tell Moskito about your business

Write the name of your brand/company and which industry fits your business the best. By giving this information Moskito can give you better recommendations and help you optimize your account more efficiently so you can get better results from your advertising.

Step 4- Select your desired monthly budget on Google Ads

The final step is to tell how much you are willing to spend each month on Google Ads. You can spend how much you like, There is no minimum or maximum, and you can always change this later in settings.


Congratulations. You are ready to go!  You can create your first Ad campaign now.