Are you ready to start advertising on Google? Great. In this article, you will learn how to set up your Google Ads account.

Setting up an account is really easy. You only need to follow these 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Go to

To get started you need to head over to

You will need to sign in to your existing Google account, this can be a address you have from before, a business email connected to G-suit or an account you have linked to your email before. 

Sign in

If you don’t have a Google account there’s no need to worry. You can click “Create account” and have it up and running in minutes. If you need to create an account do so now and come back here. 

Step 2 – Setting up your first campaign

New Campaign

Here you have two choices, you can choose the goal of your advertising and click “Next” and create a Google Smart Campaign, however, if you are going to use Moskito we recommend that you click the link at the bottom to enter “Expert mode”. 

Select purpose for campaign

If you are going to use Moskito to run your Google Ads, you click “Create an account without a campaign”. If you are not using Moskito we recommend choosing the most fitting goal for your campaign. 

Step 3: Important information about your account

Confirm business information

Next, you need to fill out some important information regarding your billing and account settings. The most important thing here is that what you choose at this step can not be changed later. So make sure you select the correct country for billing, time zone, and currency.

After you click “Send” your account is created. Now the last thing to do is add your billing information.

To set up billing you need to click “Tools and settings” in the top menu and click “Settings” under Billing.

Step 4: Setting up billing

New billing setup

After you’ve entered your credit card information your Google Ads account is ready to go.

If you are using Moskito, now is the time to head back to the plugin and continue setting up your Moskito account.